Hot Tapping Technician

Hot Tapping Technician

About the company:

Company has been a manufacturer of various types of Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, Bolt Tensioners, Impact Sockets, On-site Machining Equipment, Turbines Tools & Heat Exchanger Tools for almost three decades. Also catering different Services into Bolting Solutions · In Situ Machining Solutions · Hot Tapping & Line Stopping · Re-tubing · On-Line Leak Sealing · Rental Services · Hydro Testing 


  • Maintains a safe, secure and healthy environment by adhering to Company/Customer safety standards and practices and to legal regulations, alerting others regarding potential hazards or concern
  • Performs all duties as assigned and adheres to TEAM’s Core Values.
  • Provides on-site Hot Tapping and Line Stop services on client work sites performing any of any of the following duties:
    • Creating a safe entry into a pipe or vessel; operating at a pressure or vacuum
    • Hot taps and conventional line stops
    • Hot stops
    • Hi-Stops®
    • Super Hi-Stops®
    • Double Line Stops
    • 45 Degree angle taps
    • Tee stops and elbow stops
    • Across-the-line stops
    • Through the line valve stops
    • Freeze stops
  • Identifies circumstances that necessitate the use of proper safety procedures and equipment.
  • Documents all hot tapping services activity as required.

Maintains hot tapping tools and equipment.

No of Years of Experience : 2 Years to 4 Years 

Salary : 35 k to 45 K


35000 to 45000
Full Name