Background Verification


Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, is the Business Capital of India and the most populous city of New Delhi which is the official Capital of India. Mumbai attracts hundreds of migrants on an everyday basis from all over India and abroad. The city is considered a pot-luck for people from different religions, communities, cultures, and interests. It is not just one type of industry but almost every type of industry has found its home in this city. For this very reason, the concept of a Background verification Company in Mumbai is very widely known and accepted as one of the most important steps in mitigating risks in Employment hiring!

Mumbai accounts for over 6% of the total Indian GDP every year. In a city where every person is busy running behind financial stability and success in career and day-to-day life, it is really hard for a few others to make their place. Due to this, people try to find back routes and shortcuts simply to stay in the race. However, even a small discrepancy or fabrication on a resume could point toward the person's habit of hiding things or making things up. In the longer run, it is sure to affect the organization in some way or the other. Background verification in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai plays more than one importance.

Keeping in mind the wide range of industries in Mumbai, it is tough to point out the kind of risks that organizations would face. Background verification can help in minimizing a few of these risks, especially concerning hiring and credit lending.

Employment Background Verification

  • Ex-employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Educational Documents verification
  • Criminal records check

Vendor Due-Diligence

  • Corporate address verification
  • Neighborhood check
  • Legal records check
  • Financial records check
  • Reputation analysis etc.
  • Mumbai is known to be the hub for over 70% of national financial transactions. Hence Credit risk verification is most important in cities like Mumbai.

Address verification

  • Criminal records check (Court Database)
  • Ex-employment (on request)
  • For large organizations that outsource their requirements like Stationery supplier, house-keeping, transportation, etc. to external vendors, Verifitech India also provides Vendor / Supplier due diligence.

Credit Risk Mitigation

  • Address and Identity verification
  • Employment status verification
  • Income proof and ITR (Income tax returns) validation
  • Fraud risk mitigation (FRM)
  • KYC documents verification
  • Bank statement verification